Apple publishes a band's guide to music social network, Ping

According to Mashable, Apple has released a guide for bands that explains how to use the new social networking tool, Ping. The guides creation came quickly after Apple realized that many bands and artists did not know how to use the iTunes-linked site. Reports Mashable, "Ping lacked a deep and wide network of artists, we found out that many artists were struggling to figure out how to create Ping profiles. Distribution services such as TuneCore and CDBaby have stepped in as third parties in this process, communicating with Apple and helping bands set up artist pages."

If Ping has proven to be difficult for those that it was intended for, do you think that Ping's functionality will halt further success?


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Andrew said...

Users will get turned away from the Ping community if it comes with a 1,000 page instruction booklet. How do they expect to keep them?

Communities should be easy and simple to use point blank.

Celeste said...

@Andrew - Exactly! The greatest successes in social media are websites that are easy to use and require very little instruction.

Unknown said...

PING - SCHMING -- Everyone wants to be an ING (ning too)!

Ping is cumbersome - I think apple should stick to electronics.

I suggest they change the name to TING.

If you want real social media go to a conference, meet social media gurus and find out what PEOPLE (bands too) really want by asking people working in the field questions - right now.