Tubular Labs Revolutionizes Digital Video Measurement

As video platforms and social data proliferate, traditional measurement techniques haven’t been able to keep up, which has made the audiences and conversations about online video almost impossible to track.

Tubular, an innovative video intelligence service, has introduced software that tracks the creators and content of one billion videos across over 30 platforms. After unlocking YouTube, Tubular Labs now provides real-time insights into what and who is succeeding on Facebook Video, Vine, Instagram Video, Twitch, Vimeo, and AOL, as well as and In addition, Digitas, Comedy Central, Activision, and HGTV are among the Tubular customers with early access to the cross-platform expansion that delivers insights to build their brands online.  

“You don’t have to fly blind in the future of video,” said Tubular Labs CEO Rob Gabel. “For the first time ever, Tubular Labs’ customers now receive real-time, essential industry intelligence.”

Now, just a simple search across Tubular Labs' 2.3 million creators reveals 21,000 are already generating one million views or more each month. Tubular sheds light on these creators, the videos they create, and the audiences they reach. In fact, more than 16,000 videos per month reach the one million view milestone.

Tubular Labs video intelligence has been developed with sophisticated customers in digital video, using big data techniques to derive patterns of success from more than one billion videos uploaded by 2.3 million creators. Video teams are empowered to answer key questions, like what content resonates most with which audiences, where and how should content be distributed, and which campaigns performed best.   

“Digital video is TV for the social media generation. It’s the next great advertising frontier,” said Tubular Labs Co-Founder and VP Marketing, Allison Stern. “There’s a measurement gap. We’re going to fill it - to provide much needed insights to brands, agencies, and media companies.”

Amanda Ciccatelli

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