Facebook’s New Blog Post Application

One of the downsides to Facebook was that you would have to exit the site in order to write a post on your favorite blog site. Six Apart has launched BlogIt today, which will allow users to update their blogs within the Facebook environment. This particular application is free, and it will allow you to post on the following compatible web services, TypePad, Twitter, Blogger, Livejournal, Movable Type,, and

What’s also interesting is that users will be able to view the latest blog posts on their newsfeeds. This will definitely increase the time users spend on the social networking site, since they will now be able to blog on their favorite platform and view updates on their favorite bloggers as well. More time on Facebook leads to an increased chance of users clicking on an ad, which will directly benefit Facebook as well as publishers who post their ads on the social media giant.

Six Apart is only one of the many programmers who have jumped on the opportunity to use Facebook to leverage their exposure. What other apps will companies have in store for us in this new year?


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