AP Joins Online Video Distribution

In a recent article at CNet, they reveal that the AP News Network has been working with Microsoft to create an online advertising system that allows videos to run as advertisements on all AP associated sites. Publishers can now show these video ads online.

The subscriber would join the network and then upload its videos online and describe the geographical regions it wishes its video advertisements to be ran. AP has over 1,800 affiliates. Contrary to other popular video services like YouTube, the AP guarantees that compensation will always be given for ever video streamed, as they can track when videos are watched.

With YouTube being a key part of the publics experience when watching advertisements, I think AP has done something really smart by creating a platform like this for its wide ranges of sites that are archived every day. I personally watch so many commercial free television shows thanks to my Tivo, a really catchy advertisement on the side of a news article would catch my attention. AP is taking a step in the right direction here, realizing that advertisements online in the right places are going to be a huge part of our future.


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