Driving Change with Mobile Marketing Strategies - Complimentary Web Seminar

Complimentary Web Seminar: Driving Change with Mobile Marketing Strategies 
Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO, Author, The Mirror Test, Running The Gauntlet
Founder, The Hayzlett Group
Thursday, February 2, 2012, 12:00PM - 1:00 EST

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It's time for brand marketers to stand out. Former Fortune 100 C-Level Executive, bestselling author and marketing expert, Jeffrey Hayzlett will be hosting a discussion on how to run the gauntlet in the ever-changing business landscape, and sharing with marketers some advice to make it through alive.

Mobile marketing strategies need to be built into your marketing plans for 2012 and beyond. Your mobile strategy does not need to be a huge technological investment... Marketers adapted QR codes to campaigns to engage their audience, and we're now seeing an evolution in 2D mobile barcodes to increase the engagement level.

It' time to lead, drive change, and grow profits in your organization.

Plus, see Jeffrey live and in-person at The Mobile Marketing Conference, where he will be presenting more on Building Brands in the Mobile Medium.

About The Mobile Marketing Conference: The Mobile Marketing Conference will unite today's pioneering marketers on a quest to uncover the value of the mobile medium as an "always on" channel to engage consumers and convert mobile interactions to transactions. Featuring a robust agenda of real-world case studies shared by clients themselves, this program is co-created by practitioners, mobile experts and visionaries to be truly reflective of the industry's immediate learning goals.

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