Looking for Successful Mobile ROI?

As the world of Mobile Marketing develops, marketers are of course wondering what the ROI will be of this new medium. Back in August, a study spearheaded by The Relevancy Group noted that lack of ROI is “the biggest deterrent for marketers.” 73 percent of marketers surveyed stated that improving ROI for mobile campaigns is a top priority.

A first step in any marketing ROI equation is deciding what your goals are for your mobile marketing strategy. Is your primary goal to drive consumers to a physical store? Or actually make a purchase on their phone? Or is it something more nebulous like engagement with the brand? Whatever your goal may be, find a way to track success, be it tracking QR code site visits or something so simple as offering a coupon code to mobile users who visit the store in person.

On March 21st, 2012 at The Mobile Marketing Conference, Nick Sheth, Senior Director, Global Business Development, of Gap Inc will be presenting "Successful Mobile ROI – Learnings to Date" in our Strategy track. This session will review progress and innovation in mobile development and marketing, and insights into what is working, and what is on the horizon. We’ll review mobile web and mobile app commerce, search advertising, location services, multi-channel marketing, and SMS. Some topics to be covered include:
• Accommodating email as a driver of mobile usage
• Location – how it will evolve everything we do in mobile

Sheth is no stranger to Mobile, check out this video below where he explores some of the features of the Gap mobile website.

Gap Inc has also explored mobile apps such as Shopkick and Instagram. Check out the ways they've integrated with these apps and others in their Social Shopping web series. Plus, join us in Miami this March to hear more on ROI from Nick Sheth. As a readers of our blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 15% discount. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

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