Top 10 Reasons to Choose The Mobile Marketing Conference

With a plethora of mobile marketing conferences available out there, choosing the right one to invest in can be a daunting task.

Here are the TOP 10 REASONS why The Mobile Marketing Conference (TMMC) is the one conference you should attend:
1. ACTION-ABILITY. TMMC is the only event of its kind designed around action-ability – real world BRAND stories showcasing action and demonstrating value.
2. RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. TMMC will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions.
3. WORLD CLASS KEYNOTES. The best keynotes deliver expertise you urgently need.
- Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO and Founder of THE HAYZLETT GROUP
- Professor Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU STERN & Founder, RED ENVELOPE
- Jason Tester, Futurist, INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
4. MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE. Hear stories that will give you the inspiration and courage to make positive change. With speakers from: Gilt Groupe, Zappos, Gap, Starwood Hotels, JetBlue, Disney, Pandora, Turner Networks, Sunkist Growers, Capital One, Sony, The Weather Channel and more…
5. HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS. Participate in best in class workshops - “Developing Brand Building Apps to Last: Design, Information Architecture & Findability” and “Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites”.
6. 3 CONCURRENT TRACKS. Concurrent tracks offer deep dives into the mobile medium and allow you to customize your entire experience:
- TRACK 1: Strategy
- TRACK 2: Mobile Experience & Engagement
- TRACK 3: Trends & What’s Next
What to see the full session descriptions? Download the brochure.
7. THE IIR DIFFERENCE. We’ve taken our leading event brands like FUSE, Shopper Insights, Future Trends, The Conference on Marketing and Youth Mega Mash Up and applied best practices from all of them to TMMC.
8. TANGIBLE TAKEAWAYS. All attendees will receive an Executive Summary which synthesizes key learnings from the event.
9. GET OUT OF THE BOX. Learn from experts in various industries to help you think outside the box.
10. NO COMMERCIALISM. Like all IIR events, TMMC will have no commercialism from the podium.

Designed for marketers, by marketers, it is the only event of its kind exclusively focused on marketing in the mobile medium. Harness the power of mobile marketing to further your brand’s reach and impact at The Mobile Marketing Conference. As a readers of our blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 15% discount. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

We hope to see you in Miami.
All the best, The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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