Learn How JetBlue, L’Oreal and Gilt Groupe are Using Mobile to Grow Their Business

Worldwide sales of mobile devices to end users totaled 428.7 million units in the second quarter of 2011, a 16.5 percent increase from the second quarter of 2010 (Gartner), which makes mobile one of the most popular mediums for you to connect, engage and sell to your consumers. How can you maximize these opportunities immediately?

Learn how to successfully leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions at The Mobile Marketing Conference (TMMC), March 19-21 at the Ganesvoort Hotel in Miami FL.

TMMC has gathered the leading consumer brands who are enjoying MAJOR success through mobile marketing: Google, Jet Blue, L’Oreal, Turner Networks, Conde Nast, Capital One, Gilt Groupe, CNN, Zappos, Taco Bell will present you with case studies and stories showcasing action and demonstrating value:
• Aligning mobile strategy with brand goals
• Allocating resources across the mobile channel
• Usage patterns and mobile behavior
• ROI & Measurement
• mCommerce & Payments
• Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Gaming
• And much more...

You will leave TMMC with information you need to keep your organization competitive in an always evolving mobile industry.

Download the brochure to see full speaker list and session descriptions.

If you are want to learn how to harness the power of mobile marketing to further your brand’s reach and impact you won’t want to miss The Mobile Marketing Conference. As a readers of our blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 15% discount. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

We hope to see you in Miami.
All the best, The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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