TweetClouds Taking Over

There’s been a recent buzz about the latest applications released from Twitter called TweetClouds and TweetStats. This latest CNet article does a good job of explaining how each API works.

Tweet Clouds is an application that collects your most used tweet words, and generates a cloud varying in size depending on your usage. Obviously, the bigger the size, the more frequent you use that word.

Tweet Stats is primarily a statistical API that formulates numbers on such things as how often do you twitter, to whom you reply the most to, and at what times are you twittering the most.

It’ll be interesting to see if Twitter will release their own version of the latest Facebook application, “People You May Know”. While these two are different forms of social networking, aren’t applications ultimately created to help others connect? There is still a lot to be learned on both parties….

Sometimes we overlook the importance of tag clouds…What better way for an organization to aggregate a collection of choice words to help organize topics. Companies have been hesitant to join the social media bandwagon because relevant information is too often lost due to the spontaneity of its users. The weighted list tag clouds provide have become increasingly popular amongst blogs and other social media in order to aid users to access the right content they are seeking. It’s about time Twitter joined the revolution!


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