Segway Scooters get a Social Network

According to AdWeek, Segway Scooters have started a social network. Segway scooters are self balancing electric scooters for adults. The aim of this new social network is to allow scooter users to foster a relationship over the brand.

Once Segway realized that there were customers who had sites set up in order to facilitate communication between other scooter users, they decide they needed to give their customers a way to communicate through them.

While many social networking sites for products have failed, Daryl Ohrt, the Brand Manger at Plaid, believes that this site is truly for the customers. It can allow them to interact with other scooter users in the area and set up functions where they can all gather. The marketing for this campaign will be primarily through letting new users know

I think Segway has caught onto something. The community that can grow between scooter users can be tight knit, and network with each other in order to have more fun with their product.


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