Social Media is about the People

In a recent post at Cosmedia, Geno Cosme brings up a very important point that is often forgotten when it comes to social media companies adopting Web 2.0 software. It’s not about the best technology, it’s about the customer.

A company brings in a communication channel via web 2.0 in order to begin communication with the people that support the company. A successful outcome in this arena means that there is meaningful conversation between the company and the customer. Due to the corporate mentality, companies focus on the technology that is the best. So when they bring this “best” technology, often times they forget to think about the customer.

So, mold your technology for the people its catering to. Your people shouldn’t have to navigate technology they don’t understand or have no reason to navigate. Focus your web tools purposefully for them. After all, the best communication will come from happy customers who are excited to use your technology.


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