Record Companies feeling Push to Adapt Online Communities

In a recent post on CNet, they shed light on EMI’s attempt to adapt the ever-growing digital world into a system that has had trouble adjusting to this new phenomenon. As one of the four largest record labels in the world, EMI has been a front runner in adapting online communities and digital media into their promotion and distribution strategies.

Caroline Records is spending less money with traditional promotions, such as CD distributions, ads in music magazines such as Rolling Stone and Spin, but instead turning to music communities online to promote records. Some of these include MySpace, Facebook (Check out the pages: Facebook Page and MySpace page) and Pitchfork, a popular music blog, and also widgets. The current artist they are trying to use a digital release strategy only on is Yelle, a French artist whose music is commonly played at night clubs. Her musical distribution in this country is only by digital means. Not only does this distribute the music at a low cost, the music company also saves money by not overproducing physical products that won’t be sold.

If labels in the music industry begin to embrace digital media and communities, they could find a new source of revenue. I think that music companies should turn away from trying to destroy fans and users from downloading free music, and turn it into something that benefits them. If Caroline Records is seeing success from purely digital promotion, imagine the possibilities. Not only will the online communities focus on specific markets, but the bands they sign can be marketed directly to the fans who will listen to them. Major labels will continue to be in trouble if they chase music “stealers,” but if they choose to turn their power to promoting online content and media, they could find more fans of music than they imagined.


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