Content Is "Kinger" Than Ever

"I'm a television guy.  TV is the most powerful medium ever invented" says Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Cole, Center for the Digital Future and Research Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication.  Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Cole, kicked off the Media Insights and Engagement Conference here in San Diego this morning discussing all things television-where it is today and where it's heading.

Mr. Cole is a storyteller, no powerpoint (how refreshing!) and full of great anecdotes about television penetration and content distribution.  He says that content drives everything.  "Content is 'kinger' than ever," says Cole.  He knows television better than most and was full of many television viewing predictions.

Here are a few of his television predictions in regards to Millennials:

1.  They don't use landlines
2.  They don't subscribe to newspapers
3.   They are not satellite and cable subscribers
4.   Many don't even own a TV set

Mr. cole predicts that television will completely transform itself in the next 24 months. The average sized TV purchased today is 50 inches. Viewers have a wide array of programming choices-almost too many-with Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, the four networks, etc.,. There simply are too many choices for viewers at ever-increasing monthly rates.  The bottom line:  we need to provide choice but at far more reasonable rates.  The consumer on average pays about $5.85 month for ESPN which is a great bargain if you love sports.  ESPN currently reaches 100 million cable and satellite subscribers.  Mr. Cole sees an a' la carte approach to viewing television- we only pay for content we want-as the next big transformation in television viewership.

Other predictions from Mr. Cole:

1. Half of movie screens in America will go away
2. The line between film and television is blurring
3. Best high quality programming is moving to television (think Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, Netflix)
4.  The shine on Netflix is about to disappear with major competitors Amazon and HBO offering original programming at affordable prices

Mr. Cole says it's a great time to be creating television programming.  It is the most exciting time in television with all the great content that is bubbling up to the surface.  Stay tuned!

About the Author: Kerry Inserra, is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Zip2Media, a media planning and buying agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on social media, SEO, SEM, traditional media, sports marketing, and blogging.  Kerry has worked for CBS Radio and Television, ABC Radio/Television and Disney.  Follow her @kinserra.


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