The Changing Face of America

Did you know that one in three people in the United States is a minority? The nation’s population is drastically changing.

At the Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015 this morning in sunny San Diego, Moderator Marilyn Stephens, Data Dissemination Specialist; Media Lead, US Census Bureau, kicked off the Keynote Panel entitled, “The Changing Face of America” featuring panelists Michele Meyer, VP, Network Research, Univision, and Julie Zwissler, SVP, Marketing and Partnerships, MNet America.

These three dynamic women discussed the different ways people in which different cultures in America, specifically Asian and Hispanic cultures, are consuming mutlimedia content today. Univision and MNet America are both seeing a major shift in how media is being consumed differently.

When it comes to the Hispanic culture, the younger Hispanics want to watch novellas because it’s a connection to their family and brings them together.  In their culture, the TV is a family experience in a multi-generational household, maintaining that family feel.  Meanwhile, in the Asian culture, when the parents get older, the children move back home while graduating from a great university and working a great full time job.

Across the board in an American household, families are watching TV, while Millennials are on their phones, tablets, or laptops playing games while also watching TV. More and more, Millennials and younger generations are watching media on multi-devices. They are early adopters and they want something new that no one else has discovered yet. Millennials in America are all about early discovery.

About the Author: Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist of the Marketing Division at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs including Next Big DesignCustomers 1stDigital Impact, STEAM Accelerator and ProjectWorld and World Congress for Business Analysts, and a regular contributor to Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event,. She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She can be reached at Follow her at @AmandaCicc.

Amanda Ciccatelli

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