Summary of The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015 Day Two: Part 2

By: Jim Bono, Vice President, Research, Crown Media Family Networks

The afternoon portion of Day two at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference consisted once again of the Strategic Lab sessions.

At 2 pm, there were three choices:
·         Cross-Platform Insights & Monetization - Emotional Tonality and Ad Receptivity with Marcela Tabares (A&E) and Mike Bloxham (Magid)
·         Hyper-Viewing & Behavior Trends - Insights into the Effects of Internet Technology and Video Platform Proliferation with Richard Zackon (CRE) and David Tice (GfK)
·         New Disruptions in Media - Understanding Sharknado 2: The Even More Social One with Ashlee Gouldstone (NBCU)

At 2:45 pm there were three more choices:
·         Real Cross Platform at Scale: Tune-in and Sales Impact
·         The New Living Room: What ESPN Learned from World Cup and College Football
·         The New Age in Mobile Music Consumption

Jonathan Steuer and Brian Katz of TiVo presented at the Real Cross Platform at Scale session. At this session we saw how it is possible to gain more in-depth understanding of consumers across devices. We also learned that TV and digital media work differently in their impact on tune-in and Sales, and heard about new tools that TiVo has to assist in the prediction of program success or failure, early in process.

After a short break, we were offered three more interesting sessions to choose from:
·         Surviving The Cross Platform Explosion: Lessons from the Walking Dead
·         Consumer Behavior and Consumption Across Media: The Digital State of Play
·         What to Worry About: The Most Important Trends in 2014

AMC's Melanie Schneider and Jason Kramer of Vital Findings gave us a great look at cross platform data for Walking Dead - the cable show that Melanie kept reminding us that is "the #1 show on the planet" (even though I don't watch it.) Key topics they discussed were quantifying relationships, market size, and the relative importance of social media. They touched on the fact that data tells us the "what", but not the "why." To put data into context, they compared Walking Dead to other shows like Mad Men and Son of Anarchy. They also compared viewing of current season of Walking Dead on AMC to previous seasons available on Netflix, as well as re-runs, DVR and VOD viewing.

The day concluded with IFC's Daniel Marcu leading a fun and entertaining interactive session - Generation P (Power). A mixed panel of millennials and "experienced" researchers, consisting of Jim Bono (Crown Media), Theresa Pepe (Viacom), Courtney Thomasma (BBCA), James Fulton (IFC) and Carol Hinnant (Rentrk) shared views and engaged in an open discussion with the audience on what we know and what we think we know about the millennial generation.

About the Author: Jim Bono is a TV industry veteran of nearly 25 years, working in Cable TV research for over 20 years.  He’s coming up on his 15th year with Hallmark Channel and Crown Media, where he is VP of Research and heads the department on the East Coast.  A Long Island native all his life, Jim is married to his best friend and wife of 23 years and has 2 wonderful teenaged sons.

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