Videobiquity...say what?

Just what exactly is Videobiquity?  

According to today's Media Insights and Engagement Conference Speakers, Brian West, Director, Research Multiplatform Measurement Strategy, ABC Television and Lisa Heimann, VP of Multiplatform Research, ABC TV, Videobiquity is the presence of video everywhere, simultaneously.  ABC coined this term and recently had it trademarked.
The media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid fire pace.  According to Nielsen, the biggest change is the shift from broadcast to cable particularly with A18-49. Nearly half of ABC viewers are multi-platform viewers (multichannel, DVR, tablet and streaming).  As Ms. Heimann suggested, it's not uncommon for households to all congregate together in the living room watching television, yet they are not all watching television together.  The living room is the hub but they maybe watching different shows on different devices-a proliferation of screens of all shapes and sizes-with all family members being exposed to different ad messages depending on how they are receiving the content.

It's not surprising that  digital video accounts for less than 1% of all ad viewing.  But the big question still remains, what's driving digital growth?  As broadcast time shifting continues to grow more and more viewers continue to lean on their DVR's.  Contrary to popular belief, DVR viewing gives audiences the ability to watch more quality programming and is not necessarily a tool to avoid commercials (tell that to my clients!).  According to our ABC panelists, viewers accept this ad-supported landscape (do they really?) and there is strong commercial retention for all ads viewed on a DVR which increases viewer loyalty. Viewers like DVR or VOD because they can watch their favorite programming, and it's easy and accessible.  Binge watching (watching multiple episodes of a show back-to-back or watching an entire season in one or two sittings) has become quite popular and has a positive impact on commercial retention-repeated commercial viewings over a shortened period of time resonates heavily with viewers.

This is videobiquity.

Kerry Inserra is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Zip2Media, a media planning and buying agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zip2Media focuses on social media, SEO, SEM, traditional media, sports marketing and blogging.  Kerry has worked for CBS Radio/Television, ABC Radio/Television and Disney.  Follow her @kinserra or email her at


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