Summary of The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015 Day One: Part 2

By: Jim Bono, Vice President, Research, Crown Media Family Networks

The afternoon portion of day one at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference consisted of the Strategic Lab sessions.

At 2 pm, there were three choices:
·         Multi-Platform Research & Measurement - Discovering White Space: How Oprah Winfrey Network Found Success on Saturday Nights
·         Data Fusion - The Power of Context
·         Digital Future - Smart Viewers with Smart TVs

I attended the Digital Future session.  Here, Beth Rockwood of Discovery gave us an in-depth look at Smart TV viewers and their viewing habits. Viewers treat their Smart TV as their "go-to" hub, where they can access not only their TV, but even more content. Viewers are returning to the living room as the central viewing place, and now can enjoy more options on their "big" screen. They prefer to view these options and/or use apps on the big screen as opposed to tablets. Plus they enjoy watching with others.

At 2:45 pm there were two choices:
·         Finding Funny: Our Journey to Uncover What's Really Behind Female Humor
·         Videobiquity: Using Research to Tell the Story of Multi-Platform Behavior

At the Videobiquity: Using Research to Tell the Story of Multi-Platform Behavior session, Brian West and Lisa Heimann of ABC gave us some insights about linear, VOD, OTT and DVR viewing.  Viewers find VOD easy and convenient, and prefer VOD over pay-per-view and some even prefer VOD over DVR. We also saw an interesting look at PC viewing vs mobile/tablet viewing over the past several years.

After a short break, we were offered three more interesting sessions to choose from:
·         The Roadmap to Audience Passion
·         From Binge to Nibble - Consuming TV Today
·         A Question of Influence: What Makes Someone Watch a TV Show?

Gavin Bridge at Ipsos and Eric Sherman of Twitter gave us an understanding of Twitter's role in TV behavior and what influences viewers to watch. Key findings included: Twitter users are more likely to watch live TV, as well as more TV; Twitter users like to consider themselves as those who know more about television; and two in five Twitter users watched a show because of communication on Twitter. Their study also showed Twitter users are more aware about TV programs than non-Twitter users.

The day concluded with our co-chairs, Tom Ziangas and Jess Aguirre facilitating an informal and up close and personal Master Class Workshop. In this session, also titled A Call to Action for Today's Media Researchers: Boost Your Skill Building and Professional Development, Tom and Jess covered Skill Building topics, such as going from data dumps to storytelling and vendor negotiations, and Personal Development, including credibility as a researcher and learning from peers.

About the Author: Jim Bono is a TV industry veteran of nearly 25 years, working in Cable TV research for over 20 years.  He’s coming up on his 15th year with Hallmark Channel and Crown Media, where he is VP of Research and heads the department on the East Coast.  A Long Island native all his life, Jim is married to his best friend and wife of 23 years and has 2 wonderful teenaged sons.

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