4 Great Reasons Why Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Should Matter to You

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We thought that you may be interested in these 4 great reasons why our upcoming Social Media & Community 2.0 Conference should matter to you:

1. A new focus on the Evolution of Social Media.
Why this matters to you? Hear from industry leaders who have already had success with their social media strategies and gain the insights, strategies and experiences needed to make real business impact at your organization. Download the brochure for full details.

2. Concurrent Tracks tailored to your business objectives.
Why this matters to you? You get the flexibility to build your own agenda, focusing in the sessions that help you achieve your specific goals. Choose between concurrent tracks on Strategy, Operation and Results. View the agenda.

3. Over 60+ industry leading corporate practitioners sharing real stories and best practices.
Why this matters to you? Gain one-on-one insights from powerful leaders like AT&T Interactive, Best Buy, Dell, General Motors, MTV & Unilever on setting the setting the strategy, operationalizing it and measuring the results for your business. View the speaking roster.

4. We were here before social media was cool.

Why this matters to you? Our industry expertise dates back 4 years when we first launched our Social Media conference. We've grown and expanded over the past couple of years to meet your needs; by inviting the industry leading gurus sharing insights and results, and creating a program answering all of your social media needs.
Join us next month and find out what's working, what's not and where the future of social media is headed.

We hope to see you in Boston this April! If you have any questions about the agenda, feel free to contact me, Michelle LeBlanc, at


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