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Did you know that mobile is expected to be most influential advertising medium over the next three to five years?

With consumers now spending more than 6 times as much time in an app versus a traditional website, the opportunities to build brand love in this medium have increased exponentially. Yet, many of today's leading marketers still struggle with exactly how much to take advantage of the new opportunities - not only when it comes to connecting but specifically how do you drive transactions?

The Mobile Marketing Conference - an event designed around action-ability - real world BRAND stories showcasing action and demonstrating value.

The Mobile Marketing Conference will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions. Designed for marketers, by marketers, it is the only event of its kind exclusively focused on marketing in this medium.

With case studies from leading brands like Google, JetBlue, L'Oreal, Turner Networks, Conde Nast, Capital One, Gilt Groupe, Taco Bell and more, The Mobile Marketing Conference promises a return on your investment.

• Chaired by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO, Author of The Mirror Test and Founder of The Hayzlett Group
• Professor Scott Galloway, Clinical Profesor of Marketing, NYU Stern & Founder of The Red Envelope
• Allen Kupetz, Author, The Future of Less
• Catherine Roe, Head of CPG, Google
• Jason Tester, Futurist, Institute for the Future
See the full speaker list.

Key focus areas include:
• Integrating mobile into the greater marketing strategy
• Aligning mobile strategy with brand goals
• Allocating resources across the mobile channel
• Usage patterns and mobile behavior
• Mobile advertising
• Mobile gaming
• Optimizing social media efforts for mobile
• Designing seamless user experiences
• Website optimization
Download the brochure to see full session descriptions 

To stay competitive, your brand must have a short and long term mobile plan. The Mobile Marketing Conference will arm you with the insights, relationships and coverage you need to succeed in the mobile world: capture share of mind, drive transaction and prove ROI.
Save $600 when you register before Thanksgiving! Register now.

We hope to see you in Miami.
The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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