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The world would sooner leave the house without a wallet than a mobile device - making mobile, the new door of commerce. Yet, many of today's leading marketers still struggle with exactly how much to take advantage of the new opportunities - not only when it comes to connecting but specifically how do you drive transactions?

The Mobile Marketing Conference will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions. Designed for marketers, by marketers, it is the only event of its kind exclusively focused on marketing to this medium.

The Mobile Marketing Conference will arm you with the insights, relationships and courage you need to succeed in the mobile world: capture share of mind, drive transactions and prove ROI.

Here is a quick peek at this year's conference:

Pre-Conference Workshops:
• Developing Brand Building Apps to Last: Design, Information Architecture & Fundability- Rick Gardinier, BRUNNER & Shan Quigley, BRUNNER
• Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites - Stephen Gates, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS
Download the brochure to learn more about these workshops

Main Conference Keynotes:
• Building Brands in the Mobile Medium - Jeffrey Hazlett, THE HAYZLETT GROUP
• Maximizing Brand Impact in the Mobile Space - Yonatan Feldman, GILT GROUPE
• Mobile Marketing: What in the World is Going on? - Allen H. Kupetz, CRUMMER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AT ROLLINS COLLEGE & Author, The Future of Less
• Mobile Usage Insights: Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior - Peter Fade, WHARTON CUSTOMER ANALYTICS INITIATIVE
• Strategies to Measuring Mobile Impact on the Bottom Line - Tom Poole, CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP
• Mobile: The Game Changer in Shopper Experience - Catherine Roe, GOOGLE
• Digital IQ & Shareholder Value - Scott Galloway, L2
Download the brochure to see full session descriptions.

Main Conference Breakout Tracks:
• Track 1: Strategy
• Track 2: Mobile Experience & Engagement
• Track 3: Trends & What's Next?
Download the brochure to see track speakers and full descriptions.

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We hope to see you in Miami.
The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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