Mobile & Social Insights from #MegaMashup

In case you missed it, some of the Mobile Marketing Conference team headed back to Miami this week for the Millennial Mega Mashup event. Focused on understanding the mindset of the millennial, there was obviously a lot of talk about Mobile technology.

Some highlights and key takeaways from the event were:

Instagram has already passed the Web verb test. You know something is sticking around when you can use it as a verb, and the kids are into "instagramming." Part of the "new-stalgia" trend, Instagram provides millennials with the ability to be nostalgic for a moment that never even truly existed.

Shazam! Social TV is here to stay. Rick Liebling, Creative Culturalist, Young & Rubicam spoke about the many ways brands can use new social apps to create a seamless advertising experience. A viewer may look away from the screen during a commercial, but they will be turning their eyes to their phones and using apps like GetGlue and Shazam you can incorporate this trend into your advertising strategy. Read a post by Rick on this topic on Mashable here.

The panel of older Millennials expressed a love hate relationship with technology, meanwhile the younger millennials in the live focus group called Facebook "boring" (despite not being legally old enough to use it!)

We also heard about ways that businesses are using social media to recruit Millennials and learned that "Generation Innovation" is putting aside traditional education and paths to success, saying you can now "Google how to be a CEO."

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