Leveraging digital insights throughout the entire journey to purchase

64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online.*
43% of smartphone owners have used their mobile device while in a store for a shopping purpose.**

Mobile and social commerce have completely redefined the world of shopping and your consumer’s shopping experience. Talk about adding a layer of complexity to understanding shopper behavior and preferences, your consumers are using mobile and social technology to coupon hunt and find the best prices, share product reviews, use geo-locating to find nearby retailers, and that’s just the beginning. Add flash sales and it’s a whole new retail world…

This phenomenon has created a new breed of “smarter” shoppers – empowered with more information than ever before. But, it has also created a HUGE opportunity for you to truly understand your consumer – with more data accessible than ever before.

Shopper Insights In Action Conference
Join us at the Shopper Insights in Action Conference, July 18-20 in Chicago to hear real stories and case studies from today’s top mobile and ecommerce experts showcasing how to leverage digital insights throughout the entire journey to purchase. Learn how to build brand awareness, drive engagement and prove ROI through digital strategies.

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Key focus areas include:
• From Check-in to Check-Out: How American Express Connects Buyers & Sellers in the Digital Space
• How Mobile Shopper Insights Empower You to Make Decisions Based on Facts
• Mobilizing the Path to Purchase for Consumers and Merchants
• Web 2.0 Something: The Future of Online Shopping
• M-Powerment: How to Leverage Mobile Video to Create a Winning M-Commerce Strategy
• How to Drive Sales Through Ongoing Consumer Conversations
Don’t Miss our Full Day Symposia focused on Mobile and Social Commerce
• Leveraging Digital & Mobile Insights throughout the Entire Journey to Purchase
- Catherine Roe, Head of CPG, Google and Lisa Landsman, Team Manager, Commerce CPG Sales, Google
• The Hidden Dangers of Using Aggregate Data to Develop Mobile Marketing Strategies to Reach Consumers
- Rafael Alcaraz, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Advanced Analytics, Digital Media an Strategic Foresight, The Hershey Company
• Reinventing Retail for the Next-Generation Customer
- Chip Jessopp, Vice President, Groupon

We hope to see you at the #1 action oriented industry forum of the year.
The Shopper Insights in Action Event Team

*Source: Gartner, 2012 ** Source: comScore Inc., and The Partnering Group, 2012

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