Official Call for Presenters: Shopper Insights in Action 2013 Conference


The Institute for International Research (IIR) is currently seeking corporate practitioner presenters for:
July 15-17, 2013 
Swissotel - Chicago, IL 
Submit your proposal by email to by Friday, November 16, 2012

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday, November 16, 2012, to Rachel McDonald, Senior Conference Producer at Only proposals from brand and retail corporate practitioners will be considered, for all other submissions please see sponsorship section below.

In July 2012, more than 578 retailers, brands and thought-leaders rallied in Chicago for a Shopper Insights in Action Conference experience that exceeded expectations and raised the bar even higher for 2013.


 Shopper Insights in Action is THE annual event for best-in-class national brands and mega retailers. Staying true to its core, the emphasis is always on the ACTION, every presentation must illustrate both the research and what was done with the research, moving beyond theoretical to real-world stories.

• Mobile, Social & Digital Shopper Initiatives
• Activating the Shopper Along the Journey to Purchase
• Virtual Shopping Case Studies
• Multi-Channel Strategies & Emerging Shopper Channels
• Trends, Technology & Strategies Impacting Retail Environments
• New Store Formats & Store Experience
• Strategies for Integrating eCommerce & Brick and Mortar with the Shopper
• Category Reinvention & Retail Leadership
• In-Store Activation Strategies
• How do you Make Brands Relevant to the Shopper
• Mobile Shopping Innovation • Measurement & ROI
• Big Data & Analytics
• Neuroscience Case Studies
• Best Practices for Loyalty Card Insights
• Shopper Segmentation Research
• Understanding the Mindset of the Always On Shopper
• Trends & Innovation Driving Shopper & Consumer Behavior
•  Category Growth Strategies
• Collaboration Methods between Manufacturers & Retailers
• Aligning Shopper Marketing & Category Management Initiatives
• Strengthening Retail Partnerships
• Collaboration Practices for Category Growth
• Developing Global Capabilities in Emerging Markets
• Innovation in Private Brand & Brand Identity
• Integrating Traditional Research Around Categories, Brands and Shopper Insights

We are also happy to consider topics not listed here that you feel would add value and be appropriate. Corporate Practitioner Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference as well as any pre-conference activity such as workshops or symposium (a $4,000 value).

Sponsorship & Exhibiting Opportunities
What if I am not a corporate practitioner (from a client-side company) but still would like to participate? More than 70% of our content will be delivered by corporate practitioners from retail and manufacturing. If you are a consultant or solutions provider and wish to be a part of the program, please contact Jon Saxe, Senior Business Development Manager at or 646-895-7467. We will customize opportunities to fit your needs from speaking, branding, networking and/or exhibiting.

 How to Submit For proper consideration, please include the following information with your proposal:
• Proposed speaker name, job title, and company name
• Complete speaker contact information - address, telephone and e-mail
• Short biography of speaker (50-75 words max)
• JPG headshot photo, minimum 300 dpi
• Title of presentation (one line, benefit oriented)
• Short summary of content to be delivered (no more than 75 words), followed by three bullet points of what audience members can expect to "take away" from the presentation

 Tips/Guidelines to Consider
• Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length, inclusive of time for Q&A
• Preference will be given to proposals that clearly illustrate the full insights to activation process
• Commercialism and self-promotion from the podium is strictly prohibited. Your presentation will be reviewed by a Content Review Board prior to the event and should you self-promote during the session, you will not be invited to return as a speaker.
• The conference audience consists of brand-side researchers, brand-side marketers, retailers and vendors responsible for gathering, translating and actioning shopper-focused insights. Your proposal must present what's new, hurdles to get there and how it can move the industry ahead.
• Travel and expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.
• If your proposal is accepted you agree that it has not and will not be presented at any other industry forum within one year. It is important that the content is fresh and not repurposed here or anywhere else. Due to the high volume of proposals we receive, not every submission is selected. We rely heavily on three components:
• Content matches interest of audience identified through research.
• Compelling topic that showcases something new and exciting. It must show how insights were leveraged to drive action/sales/loyalty.
• Speaker is able to provide details in the format of a case study or interactive session. This event is about sharing with members of your industry, so the speaker must be willing to showcase the "how-to" details.

Those selected will be notified no later than January 2013. Stay tuned for more details on the event website at

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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