Only Hearing 50% of the Engines Roaring

Keeping consumers aware of a brand’s integrity is one of the primary reasons for the utilization of social media. One would assume that all well-adept brands would engage with the community that is online and on mobile devices to keep appearances up, however there currently exists certain brands or even certain industries that are still having trouble with the curve, kind of like Clint Eastwood's outdated method of directing one’s thoughts to a chair to get one’s opinions through to an audience, implying the methodology of using social media is obscured.

Comblu having just released its fourth annual study of various companies’ utilization of social media, "State of Online Branded Communities." The Digital Impact Blog has previously published their findings here of last year's study. With 15 industries, 92 brands, and 219 communities analyzed, Comblu's study helps to illuminate the business side of social media and how it is trending.

(Source: Comblu)

What is surprising is that while the Chrysler claimed the Automobile Industry was to make the world “hear the roars of our engines" in Clint Eastwood's Superbowl commercial, the auto industry only has a 50% social media integration proportion. Really only 50% of the roaring is being heard on the online social mediums, yet the auto industry is still not positioned as the worst industry not integrated with social media. The Insurance (Property & Casualty) Industry fared just as badly with a 50% social media integration proportion as well, but with the OTC Industry at 80% and the Pharmaceutical Industry at 60%, there definitely is room for improvement for certain brands to step up their game in the untapped online community.

Also, if you are wondering why the need for the antagonism to bash Clint Eastwood, it is really all in good fun without any serious discontentment. He just happened to correlate with the topic of having "Trouble with the Curve," the film title he most recently starred in with the predictable plot in which all strained relationships are eventually repaired. His trouble with the curve also extended to his not so long ago act of explicating his thoughts to a chair in the GOP convention and his connection with the auto industry by his participation in the Chrysler Superbowl ad. Coincidentally that same Chrysler ad ironically mentioned and implied how the auto industry itself is at halftime just as is its social media integration. I guess Clint does say things that are not too offsetting after all.

Trouble catching up with modernity? Not like Clint Eastwood! 
He's got a whole movie about it. (Source: The Washtenaw Voice)

So the lesson is not to be like Clint Eastwood (unless you are trying to promote an old-school, kind of gritty countenance for your brand) and try to keep ahead of the curve, especially in the online communities that are obviously being utilized by more and more people. Not everyone has the privilege of being Clint Eastwood, acting out a Hollywood-esque, narrative conclusion where everything eventually ends up alright. Businesses in an ever-changing environment of social media must at least keep themselves in the loop in order to stay relevant. So take a look at Comblu's "State of Online Branded Communities" here to familiarize yourself with what is happening with the trends of what businesses have done with social media before you end up confused and frustrated, not knowing what to do for your brand.

(Source: The Commercial Appeal)

Chester Wai is a New Media Intern at IIR USA with a specialization in Economics, Cinema, and Cultural Studies. He may be reached at

Chester Wai

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