Digital Tattoos and Pills Could Replace Passwords in the Future

Sick of remembering all of your passwords? Your frustration may be solved. Motorola‘s vision for mobile isn’t just its new smartphone - the Google company also has wearable, tattoo-embedded, and swallowable gadgets in the works.

Recently, Advanced Technology and Projects Group Chief Regina Dugan attended D11 with an electronic tattoo that could be worn on human skin for one week at a time, and used to cut through the numerous authentication processes we go through every day.  Slashgear reported that the tattoos use a stretchable electronics system that can work even as it flexes on a moving arm. (Crazy, right?) There has been some criticism of wearable tech like that young people won’t wear them, but she believes it is far more likely they would wear a digital tattoo.

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The digital tattoo is not the only high-tech security system Motorola has up its sleeve.

“I take a vitamin every morning: what if I could take an authentication vitamin?” Dugan said. The proteus smart-pill contains a switch and an inside-out potato battery that creates electricity from the chemical processes that take place when swallowed, resulting in the switch creating an 18-bit ECG-like signal.
“Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token,” she explained.

None of the projects Dugan and her team are working on will arrive any time soon. First up, is the Moto X smartphone, which the company Chief Dennis Woodside said is due to out late this year. 
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Amanda Ciccatelli

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