How Social Has Revolutionized the Media Industry from Twitter, Facebook, CBS, NBC & More

It's no secret, we're all trying to figure out where, when and how people are spending their time. In a socially interconnected world, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube competing for attention, being a part of it requires a more empathetic understanding of your customers at a deeper level.

Join us in January at  The Media Insights & Engagement Conference and get access to industry leaders, first hand, to help you better understand your consumers social media consumption habits and how to engage with them across screens.

Twitter's Jeffrey Graham takes the stage discussing how people use Twitter, and how companies are using the social platform to connect and engage with Twitter users.

Facebook's Fred Leach, Head of Measurement Research, Development & Partnerships, as he shares the secrets that show how reach and frequency of different media types drive return on advertising spend, and the measurement tools and standards necessary to measure and optimize advertising return.

Cross Industry Panel on The Future of Social Media and TV Measurement
Find out if there is a correlation between social media and TV viewership and if an era of complementing measurements will be a reality.
•             David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation (NEW PANELIST JUST ANNOUNCED!)
•             Daniel Slotwiner, Head of Ecosystem Measurement Team, Facebook (NEW PANELIST JUST ANNOUNCED!)
•             Dave Kaplan, VP, Bravo Ad Sales & Digital Research, NBCUniversal
•             Andrew Somosi, CEO, SocialGuide
•             Beth Rockwood, SVP Market Resources and Advertising Sales Research, Discovery Communications

And that's not all. The Media Insights & Engagement Conference has a breakout track devoted to The Role of Social, Digital, Video & LinTV, with presentations from Viacom, Participant Media, HBO, HUB Entertainment Research, Time, Inc., and more, covering the use of second screens to build show and advertising engagement,  safer digital practices, cross-platform media insights and the use of mobile. Download the brochure for full details.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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