Ray Kurzweil On Intelligence When Minds & Machines Become One


Every researcher's dream is to truly understand what motivates, persuades and changes behavior. 
Technology is a disruptor, and when paired with science the possibilities are endless.  

Come explore possibility with us at The Future of Consumer Intelligence and discover how to translate genuine insight into confident decision making.

The Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014
May 19-21, 2014 // Sheraton Universal // Universal City, CA

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2014 Keynotes include:
  • The Web Within Us: When Minds & Machines Become One, Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering, GOOGLE 
  • The Need for BIG Privacy in a World of Big Data, Ann Cavoukian, Information & Privacy Commissioner, 
  • Making Data More Human, Jer Thorp, Former Data Artist, THE NEW YORK TIMES
  • How to Generate Word of Mouth, Jonah Berger, Author, CONTAGIOUS: WHY THINGS CATCH ON 
  • When the Future Begins - A Guide to Long-Term Thinking, Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter, Futurologist
  • Designing Habit-Forming Technology, Nir Eyal, Habit Design Researcher, NIRANDFAR.COM

Topics Covered Include:

Consumer Intelligence // Big Data & Analysis // Strategy & Action Planning // The Future Consumer // The Connected Consumer // Research at the Center of Marketing Strategy // Data Visualization //
Crowdsourcing // The Future Researcher // Beyond Data Driven // Social Listening //
Designing Intelligence // Privacy in a World of Big Data // From Consumer Understanding to Empathy // Leveraging Technology to Uncover Deeper Insights // Designing Habit-Forming Technology
And much more!

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We hope to see you in California!

The FOCI Team

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