Call for Guest Bloggers: FEI Toronto & Consumer Insights Canada 2014

The team here is looking for 2-3 volunteer guest bloggers to write about their experiences onsite at the upcoming FEI Toronto event taking place September 29 - October 1, 2014, at the The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our theme this year is Accelerating Systemic Innovation Growth: From Ideation to Execution.

The Front End of Innovation (FEI) is a global event brand that has become the annual meeting place of the most seasoned innovators across the globe dedicated to advancing, celebrating and championing innovation.

Scholars, bloggers, practitioners and graduate students are invited to apply to become our official event scribes and publish their unbiased recaps/takeaways for the rest of the innovation community as we make our way through the conference's comprehensive 3-day agenda.

Free Pass to FEI Toronto & Consumer Insights Canada

In exchange for helping us live blog the event and providing online coverage, you will receive a complimentary all-access pass to the Front End of Innovation Toronto 2014, as well as access to our new concurrent, colocated event, Consumer Insights Canada: A 3-day experience focused on the power of insights in motivating smarter decision making - understanding what drives consumer behavior using new, innovative research  methodologies to connect with consumers in a meaningful and impactful way.

How to Apply

Apply today by sending your name, title, company, short biography and links to your blog or writing samples, along with a few sentences about why we should choose you to be our 2014 Guest Blogger to

We will review your submission and contact the chosen Guest Bloggers directly with more details.

* Guest Bloggers are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

* If you are a consultant or a solution/technology provider, please see contact details below for sponsorship/exhibit opportunities: Contact Liz Hinkis, Business Development Manager at 646.616.7627 or

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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