GfK’s SVP of Media & Entertainment On How Viewing Devices and Services Impact Audience Measurement

In the first of The Media Insights Interview Series brought to you by The 2015 Media Insights & Engagement Conference, I caught up with David Tice, senior vice president, Media and Entertainment at GfK Custom Research, to discuss how the explosion of devices and services for viewing is impacting audience measurement.

This year, The Media Insights & Engagement Conference gives you an up-close, contextual view on the changing media experience to create better engagement strategies informed by actual viewing behaviors. This event gives you an opportunity to explore the new world of multi-platform, hyper-viewing in the post-disrupted media landscape, advance new insights and create future partnerships. This event is playing host to companies with some of the highest purchasing power in the industry, many of which spend more than $2.5 billion annually on advertising.

According to Tice, the two screen environment has made it easier for people to see an advertisement on TV and then go onto their smartphone or tablet and visit the website if they are interested. And, this in turn, has been really helpful to advertisers.

“People’s use of television is, whether it’s younger or older folks, hasn’t changed a lot. What’s changing is the source of what they are watching,” he said. ‘In the past it was your broadcast or cable networks, now people are using their TV sets to watch Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, because they want to use that bigger screen, that better quality sound than just watching it on a laptop or a tablet.”

Tice explained that in Gfk’s tracking research, each year they have seen that more digital viewers are using a TV set than are using computers.

Check out my full podcast interview with Tice below:

Want to hear more from David Tice? Don’t’ miss his session, “Insights into the effects of internet technology and video platform proliferation on viewing behaviors” at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. To learn more about this event or to register, please visit our website:

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