Mondelez International Reveals How to Measure ROI for Social Media Marketing

Twenty years ago, in the early days of cable, brands like the Food Network and the Discovery Channel were built, and they became iconic brands. They became very large businesses with huge consumer followings that have also been attractive to advertisers. What's different this time around is that by using new digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Apple, you are able to get global distribution and global monetization instantly."*

The use of digital platforms is no longer the way of the future, or something that's nice to have - it's how your consumers are engaging with different media brands. Earlier this year, at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference, we had Twitter's Global Ad Research Director Jeffrey Graham take the stage to showcase not only how PEOPLE use Twitter, but also how COMPANIES are using the platform to connect with users.

For 2015, we're taking social one step further with B. Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International. During his keynote, Measure ROI for Social Media Marketing, B. Bonin will help you truly understand the impact of social on your distribution strategies and how you can build even stronger, more meaningful connections with your consumers.

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015
February 3-5, 2015 // The Westin San Diego // San Diego, CA

Plus, you'll also hear from Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, iHeartRadio Clear Channel, Revolt TV, Discovery Communications, A+E Networks, Viacom, NBCUniversal, ABC TV, Univision, CBS Corporation, Turner & more. Click here for the full speaker list: 

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We hope to see you in San Diego this February, as we explore the new world of multi-platform, hyper-viewing in the post-disrupted media landscape.

The Media Insights and Engagement Conference Team

* Quote by Steven Kydd, Co-Founder Tastemade from NBCUniversal's 2014 Curve Report

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