A Personal Message from Clay Collier, The Media Insights & Engagement Conference

As we kick off the New Year, I find myself reflecting over where the industry has been, and where we're going in 2015. The changes have been immeasurable.

Networks like CBS and HBO are going direct to the consumer. Movies like The Interview and Veronica Mars have launched on-demand, rather than the traditional in-theater release. NBC is urging viewers to watch TV without a TV. How are we going to measure and engage with viewers in the continuously changing media landscape?

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference can help. And, I'm happy to be able to extend a special rate for you to join the industry in San Diego in just one month. Hundreds of media executives (with over 65% from the client-side) will be at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference to uncover what the future of media will look like - will you?

View the most up to date agenda:

Take a look at just some of the companies already confirmed to participate:
AMC Networks // Charter Communications // Fox Networks // Netflix // Viacom // CBS Corporation // Google // HBO Latin America // ABC Television // Turner Broadcasting // Amazon // Hulu // REVOLT TV // Warner Bros // Yahoo! // Google // Univision // Disney // NASCAR // Comcast Spotlight // Discovery Communications // Meredith Corp // Scripps Network. 

Click here to see the full list:

Submit Your Nomination for the REMI Award - Research Executive Media Industry Outstanding Contribution: We would like to acknowledge an individual whose outstanding contributions, innovations, or leadership has impacted the way research has shaped the media industry and entertainment landscape. The Award recipient will be announced on Thursday, February 5th at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference. 

Mention code MEDIA15BL and save $100 off the current rate:

It's my pleasure to personally invite you to join us at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015 for the experience of a lifetime.

All the best,
Clay Collier
Business Development Manager, IIR
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference


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