A few tips for Twitter

Recently, Corey Wynsma posted a few tips on how to maximize the use of Twitter. Although the tips focused on newsroom use, I think the points are valid for any company starting to use Twitter as a new source of reaching their target crowd.

1) Forget about Twitter ROI
It's not about making money, but adapting to the new culture shift that lies ahead.
2) Twitter isn't a broadcast channel
It's about conversation. Don't just post the latest news, create a way for your followers to have a conversation.
3) Climb down off the pedestal
Approach Twitter carefully. You don't know what exactly you'll receive in return for your efforts, so hang back and jump in with two feet and an open mind.
4) Don't rely upon a single branded Twitter experience
Connect with people in your community. Find a way to make people interact with your users and experience available for everyone to comment.
5) Find Twitters and their niches
Use your strength and expertise to reach out to other Twitter groups. Use what you have to build your community.
6) Help your twitters take ownership of their efforts
Provide your followers badges and logos to share your group.
7) Make twittering easy
Make sure your followers know they can Twitter from anywhere, promoting the different apps that allow them to comment through their mobile phones.
8) Gain followers that count
Thing quality not quantity. Allow your group to grow with members who are genuinely interested and can contribute to your conversation.

There are more points to the list. Read them here. Is Twitter a valuable source for your company? How have you gained your followers?


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