CALL FOR PRESENTERS: Performance Marketing Expo

Calling all Affiliates, SEO Experts, Social Media Strategists and Performance Marketing Gurus...

It's time to mix it up and head down to Miami as the "who's who" gather to do business. IIR - the world's largest international conference organizer - proudly unveils the latest "CAN'T MISS" premier meeting place for the Affiliate Marketing & Performance-Based Marketing industry.

We are currently seeking presenters for this event. Only experts in affiliate marketing, advertising (both traditional and online), social media, and search will be considered. Deadline to submit is Friday, February 12th.

Topics for Consideration for Affiliates include:
• Becoming an SEO Expert: Proven Strategies to Keep Them Coming (and Coming Back!)
• Building a "Sticky" Affiliate Website: Features, Functions & Fun
• How to Improve your Affiliate-Advertiser Relationship (and Get a Higher Payout!)
• Taking the Leap: Developing an Affiliate Business Model to Create an Affiliate Company
• Setting Your Integrated Social Media Approach: Skill-Sets Every Affiliate Must Have
• Maximizing Your Work Flow: How to Effectively Brand & Build Online Authenticity Using Social Media
• Community Building for Affiliates: Monetizing Your Company's Reach
• Primer: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Topics for Consideration for Merchants include:
• Becoming an SEO Expert: Proven Strategies to Keep Them Coming (and Coming Back!)
• Shopping Engine (and Shopping Cart) Optimization
• Email Marketing & Remarketing Strategies: How to Remarket for Your Customer Base
• Landing Page Optimization: Overcoming the Barriers to Conversation
• Managing Multiple Brands Online to Achieve Individual Product Objectives
• Leveraging Your User Community: Facebook Fan Pages, Forum & App Building
• Successfully Leveraging the Value of Twitter as a Business Driver
• Branding vs. ROI in Social Media: Winning in a World of Social Technologies
• Tracking and Measuring Your Social Media Efforts

Submittal Procedure
If you are interested in speaking at the event, we invite you to submit a speaking proposal directly to Kelly Potanka, Conference Producer, on or before Friday, February 12th, 2010. Send to Please note: abstracts are reviewed and selected on a rolling basis, so please submit early. For consideration, please include:
• Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
• Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
• Talk title
• Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
• What the audience will gain or learn from your presentation (please list 3-5 deliverables)

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Calling All Affiliate Networks, Agencies and Affiliate Managers...
Become a Sponsor/Exhibitor and Meet Your 'Wish-List' Contacts through Facilitated Networking Activities.

Your business success is dependent upon making as many quality connections with top performing affiliates. We all network at events. What sets this event apart is the facilitated activities that showcase expertise, connect like-minded people and match the right people with the partners most likely to result in a win-win for both. We ensure you meet exactly who you need to meet. We take part in the responsibility because we understand it's all about ROI.

To become a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact Lisa Deutsch, Senior. Business Development Manager:
Phone: 646-895-7482, Email:


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