Stories of Social Media marketing success from Kraft, Unilever, Ubercool and more

In today's newly defined social economy, social media and community culture are fundamentally reinventing the ways in which we communicate and engage with our customers, and our markets. It's impossible to ignore the growth of social media and communication through these channels is becoming the "new normal".

Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies prides itself on sharing real world stories on establishing new practices for building relationships with markets in a social world. Cross-industry marketing, social media and community experts and gurus will be on-hand to share the strategies behind their success.

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Featured sessions include:
  • Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign: Utilizing the Right Social Media Channels: Christine Cea, Director of Marketing Communications, Unilever
    Hear how Unilever integrates social media, traditional media efforts, as well as WOM marketing to create a strong promotional campaign. Learn what technologies they are using, why it's working, and the role it plays in their brand strategy.

  • Optimizing Marketing Communication through Social Listening: Heddy Parker DeMaria, Director, Consumer Insights & Strategy, Kraft
    A case study on how a good integrated marketing communication program was made great through engaging Social Listening tools. The tools were able to "crack the code", getting to much richer insight into specific consumer values, needs and behaviors.

  • KEYNOTE: Social Engagement Marketing: Michael Tchong, Founder, Ubercool, Author, Social Engagement Marketing
    Now that more than 60% of Americans have a social network profile, media and marketing are inundated by a wave of change. Follow along as Michael takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the social media landscape and reveals how this new dialog is uprooting society. This insightful tour covers such leading-edge topics as fan pages, buzz monitoring, social listening and intelligence, control panels, hash tags, link tracking, social APIs, location-based mobile apps and social currency.
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