The Future of Consumer Intelligence Full Program is Now Available

The explosion of big data and the integration of advanced analytics, "human" science and customer strategy are transforming our industry before our eyes. These changes bring new opportunities for us to gather richer, more impactful insights.

Are you harnessing this power to make the best decisions and more accurate predictions about the future?

The Future of Consumer Intelligence is addressing the industry evolution with ideas from sought after gurus like Nate Silver, World Renowned Statistician & Founder,, Tom LaForge, Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company and Alex Hunter, Former Head, Virgin Online.

They'll share insights into prediction science, cultural tracking, loyalty and much more. Download the brochure.

Topic areas include:

Analytics - "From Data to Knowledge": uncover connections & expose hidden patterns to predict future behaviors using technology
Insights - "From Consumers to People": deeply understand customers and how they live
Relational Database Strategy - "From Insight to Action": engage, build and deepen customer relationships for profitable outcomes

Plus hear from:

Rick Smolan, Creator, Human Face of Big Data
Andrew Zolli, Executive Director and Chief Creative Officer, PopTech, Author, Resilience
Henry Mason, Global Head of Research, Managing Partner,
And more, download the conference brochure for full program details

Together, let's embrace new opportunities and new ways of thinking about our industry. Here's to a great year.

Register by Friday, January 18th to lock in the year's lowest rates to attend. Save $700 off the standard & onsite rates!

Registration Information:

Mention your Blog VIP code: FOCI13BLOG to save 15% off the standard and onsite rate.
Phone: 888.670.8200

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