Scoring the Data: NFL Insights on Audience Engagement & Fan Experiences

Just last week, Twitter announced a big "big partnership with the NFL, which will bring video highlights and other content from America’s most popular sport to the social network."

According to All Things Digital, "the pact is one of Twitter’s Amplify deals, which let TV programmers distribute short video clips, preceded by even shorter video ads, on the service. Both Twitter and the programmers are able to sell the ads, and share the revenue".

Now, we've been lucky enough to chat with Alicia Z. Rankin, Director of Research and Fan Insights, National Football League, on several occasions and we would like to recap what she's shared:

In How Fan Data is Enhancing the NFL Gameday Experience, Alicia spoke about innovating and differentiating the onsite game experience from the television experience to ensure that one doesn't cannibalize the other. Factors like lack of wifi in stadiums and other at home comforts make it challenging to get fans to the game but the NFL is really invested in changing the experience to offer things like a referee or locker cam that fans at home don't always have access to.

She goes into the experience and insights in the lecture below:

Last year, when we revisited Alicia, she encouraged researchers to understand the business they're doing research for as best they can then bring actionable insights to teams that fit their customer database. View the chat entire below:


You may remember we talked to her a couple of years back about "the different segmentation challenges that take shape for the NFL and some of the things they do to address those issues.

Download Alicia's podcast here.
Download a transcript of the podcast here.


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