The World's Best Insight Event Tackles Media Engagement

A week ago, The Market Research Event broke records, nearly 1,300 research and insights professionals were in attendance. The number of connections made and best practices shared was legendary... it truly was the "World's Best Insights Event."

Now, we'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to the TMRE family, The Media Insights & Engagement Conference, developed with the same commitment to quality and dedication to driving the industry forward.

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference will unlock new insights to drive growth and influence smarter decision making, specifically as it relates to media engagement. Program highlights include:

9 World-Class Keynotes Take the Stage, including:
o Elizabeth Ellers, Executive Vice President, Corporate Research, Univision Communications
o Tom Ziangas, SVP Research, AMC Networks
o Jack Wakshlag, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting Systems
o Jeffrey Graham, Global Ad Research Director, Twitter
o Fred Leach, Head of Measurement Research, Development & Partnerships, Facebook

35+ Sessions to Choose from, giving you the power to create your own agenda. Choose the sessions YOU want to learn more about, and move freely between the 3 concurrent tracks as much as you like

40+ Cross-Industry, Media Insights & Engagement Experts share best practices and what's on the horizon from our industry. Hear from A+E Networks, Netflix, Redbox, Warner Bros., AMC, Viacom, Time, WE tv, National Geographic, ESPN and more

0 Commercialism from the Platform

And much more. Download the brochure for the complete agenda and session descriptions.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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