Best Use of Social Media for Television

The finalists for the 2014 Shorty Awards are in and here's a look at the finalists in the Best Use of Social Media for Television. Candidates were chosen by examining the best TV Show Tiwtter accounts who share updates, behind the scenes videos, commentaries and even some insight to future episodes and connect and engage with their fans.

Here's a closer look at the Finalists, how they use social media and their accomplishments:

Judges' Choice:

1. Fallon Tonight:
The official Twitter for Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on @NBC. (Account run by: @marinarachael & @christinefriar & @hanvanderpoel) #FallonTonight - 843,275 followers
Social media is essential to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. From the weekly segment "Tonight Show Hashtags" to YouTube Supercuts to the "Ask Jimmy" web series to the brand new Tonight Show app, social media plays a critical role in shaping the show and allowing the audience to interact directly with Jimmy. Additionally, each night the Tonight Show bloggers stay up to live tweet the show with fans and release custom web content to support the show.
2. Orphan Black:
Official Twitter of #OrphanBlack on @BBCAmerica. Season Two Premieres 4.19.14. Where to Watch: #CloneClub - 49,891 followers

3. ABC's Scandal:
The official Twitter for ABC's Scandal. Thursdays at 10|9c on ABC. - 433,563 followers

Community Votes:

1. Programma Da Babalu:
Comedy show that airs on TV Union of Fortaleza-Ce for all of Brazil's PGMA Babalu! Lots of interactivity and mood are the main ingredients! - 6,483 followers
We use social media to get closer to our fans even more, thus having a direct contact, where we can exchange ideas and shape the direction of the tables in our program. What makes unique use of social media in our talk show is exactly that approach with the public, so they can interact and participate effectively in the program.
2. Pretty Little Liars:
The official Twitter handle for @ABCFamily's Pretty Little Liars. Don't miss ALL NEW episodes Tuesdays at 8pm/7c on @ABCFamily! - 2,038,286 followers

3. Teen Wolf:
Official account for MTV's Teen Wolf Mondays at 10/9c on @MTV - 724,979 followers

4. Big Time Rush:
New album 24/seven available here: - 3,380,407 followers

Best Social Integration with a TV Commercial

Here are the finalists who achieved the effective integration of social media in a TV commercial, as a tool for translating traditional media into shareable content on the social web.

Mentos Engages Arab Youth through Hilarious Memes

Realtime Twitter Integration into Social TV Advertising



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