Technology is Changing How We Understand the World

I recently sat down with Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014 keynote speaker Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter & Futurologist, who discussed how technology is not only changing how we do things, but also how we understand the world, business, and people as well as the emerging space of marketing science.

We are fortunate to have her share her critical insight with our FOCI community. This year, FOCI explores the emerging role of decision science and the convergence of knowledge points - insights, foresights, social science, marketing science and intelligence with technology as a central driving force and profound connector.

We are barraged by information - and within this sea of data we must remember to think of the problem we are trying to solve and how we can we use this convergence of information to better understand people.  Translating the new "understanding" into future opportunities means that the role of a researcher is changing. FOCI accelerates disruptive innovators in the research space and pushes people to take risks, to think outside of traditional research methods and insights gathering and explore new and alternative tools and technologies. FOCI will bridge the gap between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do.

Here is what Magnus had to say:

IIR: A big theme of this year’s conference is “humanization of data.” Why do you think understanding PEOPLE (not consumers) presents an opportunity for strategic action?

Magnus: Because people have secrets and all opportunities begin as secrets.

IIR: How is technology not only changing how we do things, but also how we understand the world, business, and people?

Magnus: It visualizes the fringes of society in a new way. Before, the mainstream was dominant by its strength in numbers. But in the ‘thoughtsphere’, a Minnesota flute tribe or Namibian upstart company can have the same perceived presence as a king or queen.

IIR: How has consumer intelligence strategy and action planning helped drive your business?

Magnus: It only helped early on as I was learning the ropes. Once you grasp the basics, you are free to challenge them known as "you-have-to-get-an-invite-to-change-music”-paradigm.

IIR: How has the role of “the researcher” changed?

Magnus: The title has been completely eroded in that everyone points ”research” these days and quotes some arcane, Googled study. But I see the role of the good researcher as having been expanded and deepened in that everything from product innovations to president reelections use research as their fuel.

IIR: Describe a situation where you’ve taken a risk or thought outside the box of tradition market research methods. How did that benefit your business?

Magnus: All available research said the book business is a dying market. I wrote three books anyway. They all failed.

IIR: Where do you see the emerging space of marketing science and role of data scientists in the next five years?

Magnus: I see a new role emerging called Chief Imagination Officer or C.Im.O.

IIR: How has the increasingly connected consumer affected market research?

Magnus: Negatively. It dilutes opinions. It’s harder to find quirky, off-the-grid people who give those valuable sideways kind of insights.

Want to hear more from Magnus in person? Join him at Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014 in Los Angeles, CA in May. Magnus will be presenting a keynote entitled, “When The Future Begins - A Guide to Long-Term Thinking” on Wednesday, May 21st at 12:00 pm. To learn more about the event and register, click here:

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About the Author: Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist of the Marketing Division at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs including Next Big DesignCustomers 1st, and ProjectWorld and World Congress for Business Analysts, and a regular contributor to Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event,. She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She can be reached at Follow her at @AmandaCicc.
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