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Here is what has been going on this week:   

Binge Watching New Norm: Phasing out of "couch potato" and into normality

Multiple Screens for Focus? Separating and dividing tasks by screen

Netflix will pay you to Watch Getting paid to watch Netflix and be a "tagger"

Watching with a buddy (Tablet) Over half of the millennial population uses a tablet for activities related to the show they are watching

TV Networks Finally Catching Up Networks utilizing video on demand to capture more viewers

Illegal Streaming of World Cup Headaches for FIFA and Viaaccess-Orca

Second Screen Importance During World Cup BBC Sport said 70% percent of site traffic from mobile devices

TV Everywhere, Almost Usage has grown 246% year on year, but that figure needs perspective 

Millennial Women, not Cord Cutters TV's share grew by 4% in the 4th quarter of 2013 

Can Binge Watching Kill You Watching too much can cause adverse health effects

MLBAM launches 120 Sports Twitter for sports a new media company

Over the Air TV is Dead Even though Aereo lost availability of signals will tempt others

Torturous TV Everywhere The difficulties of watching one season of "The Americans"

Nielsen to Start Counting Mobile Viewers If you watch a TV show on a smart phone or tablet, you have the option to be counted

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