Free Webinar: Not So Fast - The Benefits of Fast Forward Disabling

 Last month at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference, we launched the first annual Case Study Competition. Voted by an audience of their peers, A&E’s Julya Fridman, Vice President, Business Development & Distribution Analytics and Duane Varan, CEO, MediaScience walked away the winners.

If you weren’t able to join us onsite, or if you had to catch an early flight, we’re happy to bring you the full presentation: “Not So Fast: The Benefits of Fast Forwarding Disabling” on Friday, March 20th at 1:00 PM EST.

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Video-On-Demand (VOD) has emerged as a key platform for program monetization by networks and distributors. Although there are clear benefits of disabling fast forward for advertisers, it was not clear what the potential consequences would be for programming and distribution. If disabling fast forward, for example, resulted in viewers having a less engaging program experience or being less likely to use VOD for future viewing, than any potential gains for advertising would be compromised. A&E Networks needed to form their own strategic position on the issue, and commissioned MediaScience to help inform that position.

In this webinar, you’ll hear how A&E and MediaScience worked together to:

·         Demonstrate the potential value to advertisers of disabling fast forward in terms of improving ad impact (i.e. evaluate value to advertisers)
·         Determine whether disabling fast forward had any adverse consequences for viewers in terms of the program viewing experience (i.e. evaluate potential cost to programming)
·         Determine whether disabling fast forward would have any adverse consequences for distributors, such as reducing likelihood of using VOD in the future (i.e. evaluate potential costs to disruptors)
·         Explore whether patterns observed in response to the above three objectives were similar for normal viewing vs. interrupted viewing (where viewers see a part of a program, then return later but are forced to start at the beginning of the program again because their spot in the program is not bookmarked. 

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We hope you enjoy the presentation!

The Media Insights and Engagement Conference Team

Amanda Ciccatelli

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