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 "The biggest disrupting factor in market research is the emergence of behavioral data." - Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Head of Digital Transformation, Google

Will behavioral data replace the need for 'classical' questionnaire based research? Or for qualitative research? According to a recent interview with Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Head of Digital Transformation at Google, behavioral data is good at uncovering the 'what', but not so good at delivering the 'why'. It's a combination of the more traditional quantitative and qualitative data sets, blended with behavioral data that delivers deeper insights into consumers.

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As researchers, we know that traditional research methodologies alone are not enough. But how can these new methodologies and technologies be successfully implemented into your existing processes? Joris will share during his keynote Digital Transformation for Data Driven Professionals at InsighTech, taking place May 4-6th in San Francisco.

Innovations in Research Methodology & Technology
May 4-6, 2015
San Francisco, CA

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