HoffSpace: Setting Examples for your social network

The conference producer of Community 2.0, Kristin Paulick, recently shared with me a new social network out there in the internet world. After pointing me in the direction of this post at Invstiledysfunction, I learned about the new social network created by David Hasselhoff. It is called HoffSpace and was created by Hasselhoff so his fans throughout the world would have a place to communicate. According to Anand Sanwal at Investiledysfunction, there were 14,217 members at HoffSpace when he wrote his blog post on August 21st.

From a business point of view, we can take a lot from HoffSpace. This social community has 14,217 members who are passionate about something (in this case David Hasselhoff). If you have something worth gathering around, you’re social network can have the same success. So when you set out to create a social network, give your supporters something to care about.


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