Integrating social media into your plans

In a recent article at Digital Influence Mapping Project, they give four ways for companies to focus in order to fully integrate social media into the way they present their business to the public. They start out by insisting that it’s very important to know how to operate in a constant state of change, as social media on the web is always doing that. These are four steps to initiate the new media plan into your business:

  1. Invite lots of outsiders to visit your organization to spread new ideas

Bring in people who already have knowledge on the subject matter, and let them breathe air into your project. They’ll have fresh ideas that can help you get your project up and running.

  1. Commit to trying new things all the time in your personal/professional life

Spend time getting used to the new tools. Take time during your week to look at blogs and read RSS feeds. Prepare for the material you’re working with.

  1. Operationalize pilots, trials and proofs of concept

Find a way that you can measure your outcomes. We’ve written a post recently that give a few ways to do this. Also, reach out to other blog sites and see what they do.

  1. Create an award for the best failure.

With all the fears that come with failing, it’s ok. People learn more when they fail at a project. Celebrate either outcome of the project.


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