The Americanization of Thought leadership on the Internet

I blog on Business, Entrepreneurship and New Media- and try to publish stuff with an Asian perspective. Like most bloggers, I also turn to existing material on the web for inspiration and thought starters. However, I have been slightly perturbed by the fact that we have very little from an Asian perspective on the web. Specially thought leadership.

Have you been following the sudden surge of material on “social media”? And how almost every other theory/example that you get is from the US?

Ever gave a thought on: Why is that everyone talking about Obama being an ‘Internet President’- like he was their country's president?

Quick- name a known ‘internet’ personality: Seth Godin? Robert Scoble? Michael Arrington? Guy Kawasaki? Who else? Mitch Joel? Don’t say Avinash Kaushik or something like that- he did all that he did- guess where? Right! In the US of A.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying it is a scam or something or that it is ‘wrong’- I like both the American enterprise and these gentlemen. But it is something to ponder upon for sure.

I listed some points on Chasing The Storm- where the discussion still continues.

Here are some thought starters from the post- but you can get the full version on the post along with the comments

The thought starters:

Why is the internet so Americanized (or ‘westernized’- at best):

• Internet was developed in the US and spread from there.

• Internet is largely an English media. And still continues to be largely dominated by English- English is the business language of the world. In this part of the world, English is widely used, but largely has been the domain of the educated and the literate. Asia has many languages and many countries are pretty much self contained. Netizens in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and some South Eastern countries publish and document information in their own languages thus preventing the spread and proper dissemination of information. (Japan has the biggest blog traffic in the world- names of some famous internet personalities or marketing/thought starter/gurus or evangelists from Japan? Anyone?)

• The American obsession with documentation- It tangibalizes stuff- and increases what I call the Hype Life Cycle of the Idea/Project. In this part of the world (Asia)- documentation has not really been the best of virtues (or culture)

What Asian Netizens need to do:

• Learn best practices from the Americans- innovate, document and disseminate effectively

• Learn storytelling- the art of conceiving an idea and selling to the audience. The plot need not be ground breaking- we all know that in the end the bad guy licks dirt and the good dude gets the pretty girl. What is important is HOW the story is told. Ask Guy Kawasaki.

• Invest in research and breed thinkers.

So Phase next on the Internet should be called the Asian Internet. Not web 3.0- or some BS like that. With half of the world’s population, more than a third of world’s internet population (and number of searches conducted) and obscenely huge mobile phone numbers in Asia, this is what should happen next.

Do you feel that most content on the internet has an American origin? Do you feel that there needs to be a shift in power here as well? Like the world economic shift, financial system shift and migration shift?

Please be a part on Community 2.0 and contribute to the discussion on Chasing The Storm


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