Jack in the Box and Social Media

Jack in the Box, a fast food chain, has recently undergone a change in corporate image. After its mascot/CEO/anti-Ronald McDonald character was hit by a bus during the Super Bowl, the company set up a website:, essentially opening the corporate brand up to the social networking sphere. LATimes reporter, Dan Neil discusses the social media efforts in his recent article, Jack in the Box feeds the social media beast. Neil says, the six-week "Hang in There Jack" campaign (Secret Weapon Marketing, Santa Monica) was a remarkable document: a 360-degree social media event that mocked even as it exploited the power of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Along the way it leveraged irony to the breaking point with "viral" cellphone and faux-paparazzi videos, ring tones and texting. Among the crowd-sourced content were 27 get-well videos from fans, some quite brilliant. Neil also discusses the distasterious efforts fo Skittles when it decided to use Twitter to promote the brand. So is social networking tricky for big corporations or is it a case by case basis? We'd like to hear your thoughts.


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Big King Fisher said...

This is a case by case basis! Social Media is relatively new and it will be interesting to see the next mobile applications and other new inventions for the Twitter API. The next 2 years should be very exciting in the Social Media Industry for everyone; corporations, small business, job seekers, gurus, family and friends with the growth of these new tools and applications.

Any Twit can say something. However, can they make something happen out in the stratosphere?

So like many things, here is another easy to learn tool, like a microwave; but does it change the way you eat or think. Sometimes, things stay the same and remain great; others need to be changing, seeking the latest trend.

I'm not a trend setter or trend spotter but I am hooked on Twitter. I want to make something out of it without offending people or making an ass out of myself, so what do I do? Like many, I jump right in, either way you have to get involved (but try to stay away from the porn stars). I think there are some listeners and I wish they would get more involved because everyone is a twit with something to say. I've said my 140+ characters now and I hope I made good use of your time.

Thank You,