Speaker Profile: Kaliya Hamlin

With the Community 2.0 event coming up in May, we're going to introduce you to another keynote speakers for this year's event. Community 2.0 is May 11-13 in San Fransisco, California at The Palace Hotel. This week, we're featuring keynote speaker Kaliya Hamlin, a leader in the user-centric community.

Hamlin was recognized as one of the Most Influential Women in Web 2.0 by Fast Company in 2008.

At IT Conversations, she participated in this conversation called Do You Know Where Your Identity Is?

Listen to Kaliya on this podcast with ReadWriteTalk.

Read Kaliya's blog:

Kaliya's OpenID website

Join us in San Fransisco on Wednesday, May13th for Kaliya's keynote speech, Identity Across Communities - Tools for Making it Real.


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