Using Social Media to Protect Public Safety

When the Fugitive Safe Surrender in Washington, D.C's funding was cut due to budget restrictions, the managers of the program turned to social media to get the word out about their program. According to, several told Fugitive Safe Surrender that they thought that the program was silly until they went to the web site and listened to the audio and watched the video. The web site convinced them that this was a program worth investing in and, through the stories we provided, they helped Fugitive Safe Surrender to publicize the program. Podcasting and other forms of social media are powerful strategies that everyone can use. Whether it’s a quick form of emergency notification, getting the word out about a dangerous criminal or talking about new strategies, citizens and their leaders like the informal and informational aspects of audio, video and story based written material. To learn more about Fugitive Safe Surrender and their social media efforts, visit the article here.


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