McDonald's and Social Media

In Time, they look at McDonald's recent online actions with the social networking site 365Black. Last week, discussion started on Fox Nation about the website, which some see as stereotyping the community. This began an online discussion that suddenly spiraled out to such sites as Digg. McDonald's doesn't have a well-rounded social media campaign, and as a result, has had trouble maintaining a clear online presence.

Muhammad Saleem, director of social media strategy for the Chicago Tribune's Chicago Now commented on the situation:
"Even if the idea was a good one and truly was promoting black cultural heritage, it really does come off as manipulation and stereotyping. It's part of a larger problem — McDonald's doesn't have the sort of brand loyalty and trust to be able to have this sort of campaign and have it be embraced."

McDonald's responded that this is a social networking website for individuals to come together and share experiences about how McDonald's has changed their lives.

What do you think about McDonald's actions to reel in the negative coverage they're receiving over their social networking website?


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