Why are Teens Anti-Twitter?

There's been buzz this week about the rejection of Twitter by teens. And Jeff Bertolucci of PCWorld asks, "Just how uncool is Tweeting?" Bertolucci writes that according to ComScore, only 11 percent of Twitter users are aged 12 to 17, the New York Times reports.

Bertolucci thinks that the reason teens aren't down with Twitter may be because its too public, whilst texting allows for more privacy.

What do you think?


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1 comment:

Ivy said...

Simple--teens, unlike adults, don't sit in front of a computer all day. Schools don't usually allow texting, either. And how many parents really are going to spring for a smart phone or unlimited texts for a teen? (Especially in this economy.)

Young professionals, on the other hand, find themselves at an internet connected computer all day, and many have smart phones for work. It makes Twitter the perfect medium to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues.